Thanks for your visit. The Garden Route Therapy blog is no longer in use. I’ve decided to keep it online as it captures my self-directed learning path, between 2007 – 2009, to discover the world of horticultural therapy and therapeutic gardening. This online scrapbook also represents my first committed blogging experience (99 posts) and starting to support others blogging. Many of my early impressions are shared here. This includes important time spent volunteering, visits to innovative sites, taking part-in the Home Farm Horticultural Therapy Certificate, an internship at Providence Farm, and later getting my first job where I could use my new skills.

I apologize if not all the links included are currently active but I hope the information compiled may still be of use to other learners interested in gardening for health. Thank you very much to all my mentors and encouragers during this stage of my journey. I continue to be inspired by what grows in gardens and in the garden is where you’ll find me.
—Emma Rooney

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